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Why Zenith by Awakend Is the Perfect Supplement for Busy People in 2023

Are you looking for the perfect supplement to kickstart your health and fitness journey in 2023? Are you busy juggling work, family commitments, and kickstarting your weight loss journey? If so, Zenith by Awakend is the perfect product for you. With natural ingredients, it's no wonder why so many people are turning to Zenith as a way to get their health and weight loss journey supercharged. Read on as to learn why Zenith is the perfect supplement for busy people who want to lose weight and get healthier this year.

What is Zenith?

Zenith is a combination of:

  • HPMCs (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose; three very specific viscous fibers)

  • Proprietary mixture of 6 cetylated fatty acids (i.e., cetyl-myristoleate)

The hormone Leptin is responsible for making us feel satiated after a meal. The body becomes resistant to it due to obesity or gender differences, which can lead to overeating and impair normal thyroid function. In turn, this leads to weight gain and decreased metabolism.

Zenith: Clinical Take-Aways

Dieting and exercising are proven to affect weight loss and overall health positively. Backed by clinical studies conducted in the US, Zenith by Awakend is thought to increase the effects of dieting and exercise significantly.

When taking Zenith, individuals lost an extra 11 pounds of weight than the control group taking the placebo (20.2 lbs vs. 9.2 lbs with placebo). On average, participants lost 1.3 pounds of fat per week while taking Zenith! Double the amount of fat loss from dieting and exercising alone. Not only was the total weight lost doubled when taking Zenith, but also participants lost an average of 3.9 inches on their waists compared to 2.0 inches with the placebo!

The incredible weight loss was due to a reduction in body fat; 21.3 lbs were lost from just body fat when taking Zenith by Awakend versus 20.2 lbs from total weight loss (not including water or muscle). It proves that Zenith doubles the effects of dieting and exercise, it also helps reduce body fat more than other methods alone!

My journey with Zenith

I'm heading into my 4th week on Zenith by Awakend. So far, I've -

  • lost 5 pounds

  • lost 2.5 inches off my waist

  • lost 1 inch off my hips

And, while I'm prioritizing my protein intake and making an effort to eat healthily, I'm also enjoying "cheat meals." I injured my foot about a week after I started the supplement, so I haven't increased my exercise. I've been less active than I usually am, and I'm still seeing progress.

Are you interested in getting started? Taking Zenith is so simple. All you need to do is take 2 capsules twice daily before your two largest meals. All of the information above is sourced from the Awakend Science deck, which is attached to this blog post for further review.

Ready to start your 2023 weight loss journey? Click now to discover the benefits of Zenith by Awakend for yourself. Take the first step towards a healthier you - click now to get started with Zenith by Awakend!

Awakend Science Deck Updated
Download PDF • 1.04MB

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