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First Week taking the Zenith Supplement

Have you heard of Zenith yet? If not, you will soon. Zenith is a new supplement that can double the effects of diet and exercise. And it has science behind it - which is impressive.

I wanted to be sure it wouldn't interfere with my Rheumatoid Arthritis or my Celiac, so I had my doctor look at it before I started taking it ( I recommend that you do this before starting any new supplement). My doctor was impressed that the ingredients were all natural. She gave me the green light, and I started preparing to take the product. I took my measurements and before pics and got ready for the journey.

When taking Zenith, you're supposed to take two pills a half-hour before your two largest meals with two glasses of water. I was worried that this would be difficult to do in the morning, And it wasn't, Not even a little.

Before I go to bed, I get a 32-ounce Yeti and fill it with water and no ice. I leave it and my Zenith bottle on my bedside table. When the alarm goes off, I grab the pills and chug the water (with a straw, it's just easiest for me that way). Then I check emails and get my day started before I eat breakfast.

When I signed up to be a member of Zenith by Awakend, My sponsor told me that it could take a couple of weeks to feel the full effects of the supplement. However, I notice an immediate difference in my cravings. I have yet to crave sugary treats or crunchy carby goodness. And I've lost 1.5 pounds, a half-inch from my waist and 3/4 of an inch from my hips. IN ONE WEEK!

Below you'll find the information from the University Backed studies. I'd also be happy to email it to you if you're interested in learning more. Feel free to email me at

Awakend Science Deck Updated
Download PDF • 1.04MB

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