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Weslea O'Connor is the COO of Saxon MD Facial Plastic Surgery in Austin and Dallas, Texas. After facing difficulties maintaining consistency with her health and wellness, she began an online health journey to record her progress, share her story, and connect with others facing similar struggles.


As part of her plan to achieve her health and wellness goals, Weslea is incorporating Zenith by Awakend into her daily routine while emphasizing a healthy high, protein diet and regular exercise. And she's documenting her journey in 2023. Weslea's goal is to share health and wellness information, recipes, and her progress while taking Zenith by Awakend.


Join Weslea on her real-time expedition to find the answer to "Does Zenith work?" Feel free to reach out to Weslea directly at


**It's important to note that Weslea is not a medical professional or personal trainer, and all information on this blog is based on her research and experiences. As such, readers are advised to consult with their doctors or qualified health professionals before embarking on any health or weight loss journey.**

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